Great Tech is Behind Toyota Camry’s Top Safety Ratings

Around for decades, the Toyota Camry rates as one of the most trusted, preferred and driven makes of car in the U.S. It has been in production since the 1980s and continues to sell like the proverbial hot cakes each year.

Why? For many reasons. It is a good looking car adaptable to any lifestyle. It is fuel efficient, reliable, packed with technology and remarkably safe. In this article, we’ll consider the many safety features you can find in the latest generation Toyota Camrys of the past few years.

Official Ratings

If you look at the crash and safety ratings of the Toyota Camry from such organizations as the NHTSA or IIHS, you see only words like “good” and “superior” as well as five-star ratings across the board. (Good in many instances in these ratings is the highest rating offered.)

This is important to know when shopping for a Toyota Camry, but it is even more beneficial to understand the tech that goes into making this car such a safe drive.

The Safety Technologies in the Camry

The latest models are full of both passive and active safety systems. Passive systems are those that do not alter your driving behavior or engage prior to an accident. For instance, the advanced design of the Camry’s airbag system is a form of passive safety. With an amazing number of airbags strategically positioned throughout the vehicle, the Camry helps provide optimal protection in almost any event.

The materials and frame that the Camry is composed of, (which include high tensile materials that disperse and absorb the energy of any sort of impact or collision), also are classed as passive safety features. They are extremely important to the car’s overall safety capacity.

The active safety features of the Camry cannot be ignored, either. They include the remarkable Toyota Safety Sense P. This is standard equipment on all models and includes:

·       Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection – Thanks to cameras and radar, this system can help you to avoid a collision with a person or other object and will alert you and may even apply the brakes to force a stop.

·       Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist – This tech knows if you’ve veered out of your lane, issues an alert and may help you back into your lane.

·       Automatic High Beams – This feature detects oncoming cars and adjusts your headlights to ensure safety

·       Dynamic Radar Cruise Control – Also known as adaptive cruise control, it monitors surrounding traffic speeds and conditions and adjusts your cruise control settings as needed.

Other safety features include the blind spot monitor that warns you about potential collisions due to vehicles in your blind spot, and this activates when you hit a blinker to cross lanes. Camrys also have STAR Safety Systems with stability control, traction control, brake assist, and more.

Take Advantage of Toyota Camry’s Top Safety Features

Are you ready to improve the safety you experience whenever you are out on the road? If you answered “yes,” it is time to test drive a new or used Camry. With its collection of top-level passive and active safety features, the Camry stands out from the pack. Creating a short list of new car choices? Be sure the Toyota Camry is there – it checks all the boxes for safety, comfort, and luxury.

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