Meet the Toyota 86 - A Sports Car that Blends Luxury & Performance

Unless you are an avid follower of the Toyota and/or Subaru brands, you may not yet be familiar with the Toyota 86. This is actually a vehicle that is the end result of a collaboration between Toyota and Subaru and it provides consumers with a good looking coupe or 2+2 sports car that also offers Touring comfort and style.

Available in a limited number of trims and a special racing edition, it is an amenity-rich sports car that includes many features that most sports cars skip. From heated seats and dual-zone climate controls to some of Toyota’s signature safety systems, it is well worth a bit of exploration.

Just a peek inside proves that this is the perfect blend of performance and luxury vehicle with its Granlux trim accents, sportier steering and controls, and user-friendly display with audio navigation, touch screen controls, connectivity options, and more.

Discover the Impressive Performance of the Toyota 86

One of the results of this collaboration with Subaru is the fact that the Toyota 86 is powered by the popular Boxer engine. This is a horizontally positioned engine that sits low in the vehicle to give a great center of gravity for handling and speed. Married to a six-speed transmission (manual) it ensures optimal control. Pumping out around 205 hp with 156 lb.-ft of torque with the manual transmissions, the automatic transmission models are no slouches and also deliver 200 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque.

The automatic transmission has a manual mode for better control and wheel-mounted paddle shifters for making changes on the fly. The gearing and the rear differential are also designed for rapid response, and the Vehicle Stability Control enables or disables all of the vehicle’s stability assists for those times that a driver prefers to control everything about the car’s performance.

And if you are eager to have lots of performance in the braking and handling, the 86 delivers! The vehicle is a rear-wheel drive model using the AE86 Hachi Roku Corolla racing style as its inspiration. With a sport-tuned suspension and lightweight body, as well as reinforced areas of the chassis to ensure rigidity where it counts, the Toyota 86 can function on the track or the street with equal responsiveness and performance.

Safety Matters

Naturally, Toyota would not produce a sports car without plenty of safety built into its design. The 86 comes with an array of safety features, including the Hill Start Assist Control that eliminates roll-back when switching over from the brake to the accelerator. The Smart Stop Tech also helps to reign in the engine’s power if both braking and throttle are engaged at once, and the popular Star Safety System (which is standard in most Toyotas) with specially positioned airbags will keep everyone safer on every drive. The Star Safety System has six advanced options that include traditional ABS, but also Brake Assist, Traction Control and more.

Time to Test Drive the 86 for Yourself

Interested in test driving this remarkable sports coupe? Stop in today and see what everyone is talking about. The comfort, styling and tech in the Toyota 86 make it a ‘must-see’ car on your short list. Its incredible sports car performance has to be experienced – you’ll not find this kind of quality and excitement anywhere else!
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