Meet the Toyota Land Cruiser: Born from Half a Century of Innovation

Toyota has been around for more than eighty years, and in that time, the vehicle it has produced over the longest period is the Toyota Land Cruiser. While many vehicle makes or models have twenty or more years of history, the Land Cruisers have an astonishing 50 years-plus in production.

They are four-wheel drive vehicles and Toyota estimates that there are more than six million of them scattered around the globe! They first appeared in the early 1950s and can be found with hardtop or convertible tops, as station wagon styles and even as two or four-door designs.

Since 2007, Toyota has produced only the J200s, which are built on the same platform as one type of Lexus, but which is at least 20% stronger than any other model of a similar design. An off-road master, it has ten-member, high-tensile steel ladder framing that eliminates flex and boosts the durability. And with the independent double wishbone suspension featuring a stabilizer bar and coil springs, as well as a four-link rear suspension with stabilizer bar, coil springs and semi-floating rear axle, it will never let you down.

Over the years, the Toyota Land Cruiser has retained that unmistakable profile and stance, but a measure of luxury has drifted into its styling as time has passed.

The Looks of the Land Cruiser

The later model years of the Land Cruiser show how it has evolved into an impressive vehicle that is easily capable of off-road adventures as well as urban exploration. A larger and strong front end shows off the iconic and oversized grill of the Land Cruiser, and it is paired with high performance LED headlights and taillights that are both efficient and bright.

All About the Performance

Of course, most are eager to get into the Land Cruiser for its performance capabilities. With a powerful 5.7L V8 and double overhead cam 32 valve engine offering a whopping 381 hp, it delivers 401 lb-ft of torque. Yet, it also incorporates the Dual Independent Variable Valve Timing and Acoustic Control Induction system that makes the most of every bit of power.

Married to the eight speed automatic transmission, it features built-in shift logic that adapts to whatever throttle input you deliver, whatever vehicle speed is needed, and whatever severity of incline must be climbed; always bringing the power needed. With sequential shift mode, you can drive it almost as if it were a manual shift, too.

Don’t forget that performance off-road is also part of this vehicle’s appeal, and it features a Multi-Terrain Monitor, Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, Torsen limited slip differential, and impressive Multi-Terrain Select that prevents brake lockup and wheel spin on five of the most common off-road surfaces.

Experience 50 Years of Toyota Ingenuity

Good looks and performance plus a history of success – that’s Toyota Land Cruiser. If you are eager to find out all about this amazing, long-lasting ride, then you’ll appreciate a test drive. Whether you want to take your Land Cruiser around town or for some off-road adventures, this vehicle is ready for whatever you throw at it.

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