The Toyota RAV4: Innovative Tech Makes It Smarter & Safer

Are you aware that the Toyota RAV4 is often called the “smartest SUV” around? If you are in the market for a compact, crossover SUV, it will be very rewarding to dig in and find out just why the RAV4s have such an interesting description.

Decades in the Market

Of course, you may not recall just how long the RAV4 has been around. Does it surprise you to learn that it reached North America as far back as the late 1990s? It actually appeared around 1996, and has been a favorite among drivers ever since. With its spacious interior, good line of sight, and four-wheel drive rolled into a smaller sized vehicle, it had a lot to offer everyone.

Yet, with the passage of time, the manufacturer hasn’t sat on its laurels, but has continually refined the RAV4, and today it has become a road trip favorite whether it is just around town or across the country; and most of the praises relate to the vehicle’s onboard tech and innovation.

The Technologies Inside

Smarter and safer are two words that can be fairly and accurately used to describe the RAV4. The safety tech inside this vehicle is based on the Toyota Safety Sense systems that include:

·         Pre-Collision features – This has pedestrian detection that brakes or reinforces the brakes to avoid collision when it senses people or vehicles in front of the car.

·         Dynamic Radar Cruise Control – Adapting to traffic speeds, it allows you to slow down or speed up as needed.

·         Lane Departure Alert – Warning you when the vehicle exits its travel lane, it also gently moves you back into place thanks to Steering Assist.

Some later generation models of the RAV4 also feature smarter AWD systems that can send torque to rear wheels when needed. Some also feature Dynamic Torque Vectoring that equally distributes torque where needed, so the vehicle can keep moving no matter the conditions.

No Stress

In addition to the safety technologies, the RAV4’s innovations also include entertainment functions, that ensure a relaxed ride, along with the vehicle’s comfort and convenience tech. There are models with dual zone climate controls, smart key systems that turn the vehicle on or off, and some with backup cameras for optimal safety.

Steering wheels in most RAV4s have audio and phone controls, and Bluetooth may allow mobile pairing. The entertainment system can include an array of features, including the addition of an infotainment system that uses apps to stream music, sports, weather and more. There are options for navigation, and a premium sound system provides an enjoyable ride.

Test Toyota RAV4’s Features for Yourself

There is a lot to discover when you hop inside the Toyota RAV4. If you are eager to see for yourself just how high-tech, safe and comfortable this SUV can be, it’s time for a test drive. When you drive a Toyota RAV4 you’ll benefit from over 20 years of Toyota’s innovations with this model. Get behind the wheel and see how this Toyota’s power, tech and safety features work together to provide you with a superior driving experience.

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