Toyota Camry: Affordable, Reliable Performance

If we played that famous word association game that had you say the first word that came into your mind when we said another word, you would probably say “reliable” or “affordable” when we say “Toyota Camry.” And you wouldn’t be inaccurate; these cars rate as some of America’s favorites because they are both affordable and reliable.

However, did you know that they are also rated as some of the safest cars in the marketplace? They are packed with a surprising number of technologies and conveniences, and they are a high-performance vehicle, too. That’s right – we say Toyota Camry and you can say “performance!”

In this article, we’re going to look at a few of the factors that make the last several model years of the Toyota Camry a performance option. We’ll also see why the Camry has a long-standing reputation as good looking, safe and reliable.

Engines Matter

Like so many other popular vehicles, the Camrys have evolved through an array of engine styles and designs. In the last few years it has been possible to opt for the 2.5 liter Dynamic Force 4-cylinder or the heftier 3.5 liber V6. Both are efficient and both use the impressive D-4S direct injection system that optimizes the injection method based on driver needs and conditions. Choose based on your preferred driving style – a bit racier or a bit less so.

Great Handling…Anywhere

While you might not equate Camry with a tight and responsive suspension, that is precisely what these cars have become. Today, you can turn to the Camry’s independent MacPherson strut front suspension, married to the multi-link rear suspension to enjoy optimal handling and control. Whether you are in town or on the highways and byways, you’ll be able to get the car exactly where it needs to go.

Direct Shift 8 Speed Automatic Transmission

The lower center of gravity of the Camry means you get stability, and this transmission makes the most of it with its lightweight materials, and design meant to make the most of fuel efficiency. The 3 mode drive switch lets you drive for maximum fuel efficiency, normal economy and in a mode that boosts acceleration and gives your ride a sportier feel, too. The paddle shifters on the wheel make it even more fun.

The Mileage

Camrys are known for efficiency, and even if you use yours as a sportier vehicle, you can count on the 32-41 MPG on the highway or the 22-29 MPG in town.

Of course, the latest technologies and innovations built into the Toyota Camry, including its Safety Sense and other advancements, will only enhance its performance!

Affordable Premium Car Delivers Amazingly High Performance

Now that you know that a Toyota Camry is a premium car for the budget conscious, but also an amazingly high performing vehicle, you might want to take one for a test drive. And why not? It offers exceptional handling, excellent fuel efficiency, plus the choice of 4 or 6 cylinder engines. Put all of these characteristics together and the Toyota Camry stands apart from most other cars in its class.

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